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Clement Loisel was born in France in 1985, he studied fine arts in Montreal and moved to Berlin in 2010 where he still lives and works today.
His very realistic paintings and drawings are filled with allegories and metaphors. Portraits, scenes, bestiary, Loisel deals foremost with the human condition.
Artist rooted in his time, he tackles contemporary themes and offers a vision that is both melancholic and ironic, sharp and sensitive, of a society that has lost its footing.


Solo Exhibitions

1,50m / Neuer Kunstverein Regensburg ART center

Regensburg, DE,

Clément Loisel oeuvres choisies / Bastille Design Center

Paris, FR

Everything is for the best in the best possible world / Kunst & co

Wedemark + Flensburg, DE
2018 + 2019

Meisterhaft – Junge und Alte Meister /  Michael Schmalfuss galerie

Berlin, DE

Lost /  Funf Galerie

Berlin, FR


Internationale Ausstellung für Freiheit. "Daddy you are so funny" (oil on canvas, 90 × 60 cm)

IAFF 2022

Internationale Ausstellung für Freiheit. “Daddy you are so funny” (oil on canvas, 90 × 60 cm)

/ March 2022

Bastille Design Center, Paris. "Virtuality" (charcoal on paper, 80 × 60 cm)

Bastille Design Center

Bastille Design Center, Paris. “Virtuality” (charcoal on paper, 80 × 60 cm)

/ sep 2019

Imago Kunstverein. "The Diplomacy" (oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm)

Imago Kunstverein

Imago Kunstverein. “The Diplomacy” (oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm)

/ Aug 2018


Selected group Exhibitions


Art Istanbul Biennale

Istanbul, 2023

IAFF 2.0 – Es lebe die Freiheit

Berlin, 2022 + 2023

Weißenburger Kunstpreis

Weißenburg, 2020,

Schwarz Weiß und ein Bisschen Farbe

Schmalfuss Galerie, Berlin 2020

SEED #458

Art Campaign, Berlin, 2018,

Der Boden von dem wir leben

Group Global 3000, Berlin, 2018

Faszination Wasser

Schloss Landestrost, Neustadt Rübenberge, 2018

Schnell & Schmutzig

Berlin, 2018

Junge Kunst in der AULA

Kunstverein Sulzbach-Saar, 2018


Büdelsdorf, 2016,

Showroom 52 2nd edition

Showroom 52, Berlin, 2015

Resist / Restart

Vesselroom project, Berlin, 2015


École des Arts Visuels et Médiatiques

Faculté des Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

Fine Arts

Concordia University (Montréal, Canada)

/ Painting

I specialize in abstract painting. Life is full of colors, so my paintings. My art expression is bold and high contrast. I express my art style with big brushes and splashes of paints. They are random yet uniform.

/ Commercial

I can be commissioned for commercial projects such as wall art, advertisement, home staging art, and more. Since every art is unique, so it can be difficult to estimate its value. Contact me for a quote.

/ Personal

I also do personal projects such as home wall art, custom painting, 1-on-1 art class/tutor, and art critics/reviews. Note that personal projects can not be used for distribution without consent.