Everything is for the best in the best possible world

Inspired by grand masters and religious icons, I create a new symbolic adapted to the media frenetic coverage, daily life of modern man.
With a post modern and humanist approach, my work does not recommend or suggest any solutions to today’s matters, exposing instead the 21st century’s trends and its corrosive system, inviting the viewer to develop his own critical thinking.

Memory Holes

This series aims to reestablish the relevance of forgotten memories by putting together old family pictures found in Berlin flee markets or buried in old cardboard boxes – ancient relics that once were extremely significant to someone, and now are sold for a few cents. The re-signification achieved through collage and painting is an attempt to rebuild the aura of these objects, and serves as a medium to develop a narrative dimension around them.

Patience stones

This series of large-scale drawings is initially inspired by the Persian myth of the Patience Stones. Seemingly mere stones, Patience Stones are magic objects to which a person can confide all his sorrows, secrets and sufferings – everything one usually keeps silent from anyone else. The stone carefully absorbs the stories and empathizes with the penitent until the point of exploding, liberating the burden it held so far and setting the confessor free from it.
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